If you have experienced a technology concern, please report it using the anonymous reporting tool.

Anonymous iPad Reporting FAQ

Absolutely Not! We have great teachers working in amazing circumstances. We are in full support of our teachers and know that all teachers will do the best they can whether they think they need to use an iPad for their lesson or not. Therefore, the incident reporting form on our website does not ask for the individual names of teachers, can only reflect incidents from August 2016 onward, and asks the parent to also report the issue to the appropriate school personnel before submitting the form.
No. You will not submit your child’s name or your name when you fill out an incident report. This form is meant to be anonymous to protect the identity of all those involved.
At this time, the district has no way to track incidents with the 1:1 iPad initiative. Individuals with concerns are encouraged to report incidents to their teacher and/or building principal, but there is no collection of data at that point. An anonymous reporting tool allows for broader patterns and trends to be observed and systemic problems to be addressed. We hope that by providing an anonymous reporting tool for the district, they will have the data they need to make informed decisions about iPads going forward.
A group of parent volunteers has taken on the duties to collect and report the information. A summary of the data may be shared with district level decisions makers in the form of charts, graphs, trends and other formats to help inform any tech-related decisions going forward. No names of individuals involved will be shared to protect their privacy
You should report an incident because it is important to see what problems are occurring repeatedly. If incidents are reported only at the classroom or building level, widespread problems will not be addressed. By tracking these issues, we will have a better understanding of the impact of 1:1 iPads, and perhaps help solve some of these problems before more people experience them.
District-wide anonymous reporting allows patterns, trends, and systemic problems to be recognized and addressed. When problems are only reported at the building level, members of the administration and school board are not made aware of the problems nor of how widespread a problem may be.
This reporting tool is for all grades and all school-related technology.
HSE continues to promote the positive sides of iPads through the advisory committees, HSE21 blog and twitter feed. However, what is not being reported on are any issues that need to be addressed. The anonymous reporting tool is for collecting information about existing problems in an effort to improve the implementation. If you wish to report something positive about the iPad, please use one of the already available opportunities to report those good things.