Dear Friends, Neighbors, and Colleagues,

We’ve spent the last few weeks processing the school board’s “compromise” of the K-4 1:1 roll out plan.  We have been searching to find a positive outlook, a silver lining, a way to turn this decision into something good.  But the truth is, we are still upset and frustrated that the concerns of over 600 HSE parents could be so quickly brushed aside.  The administration and school board have decided that 1:1 iPads starting in Kindergarten will continue on schedule this coming August, even though a long litany of issues still remain.

Not having measurable results for this roll out or presenting publicly any serious financial accounting of how much this project has and will cost is bad enough, but to continue forward in a “ready fire aim” approach is more than discouraging.  Parents from all walks of life have come forward, including children in the pilot, those with older kids, teacher parents, financially strapped parents, single parents, students, psychologists, pediatricians, and others all sharing in their concerns about this rollout.  Yet, in two short weeks, the administration and school board were able to decipher all of those issues and “compromise” on a solution to continue forward on schedule.  (Calling working in a silo without reaching out to concerned parents a “compromise” is even more disheartening.)

But what is a concerned parent to do?

Our intent from the beginning of HSE Parents’ Voice has been to be constructive, and we want to continue in that vein.  Going forward we’ll be sharing information and ideas for how to navigate the roll out.  (Assuming we still can’t convince anyone to pause and think this through a little more.)  We’ll also be asking for your input in continuing to educate, inform, and help families deal with the challenges of having young children with their own devices.  Be on the lookout for ways to help and get involved in the near future.

If there’s one positive we have gained from fighting to delay the K-4 roll out, it is all of you: the community that has come together to fight for what is best for our children.  The way that you all made time for an outside commitment when bedtime routines, careers, and endless soccer practices consume most of your waking hours shows how important this is to you.  Thank you for stepping up amid all the noise of being a parent in 2016.

M & E

Ready, Fire, Aim and the Future!