Below is an email that was sent to the School board and administration this morning …


I’m sure you’ve seen all kinds of announcements from proponents of the K-4 1:1 roll out in regards to attending the school board meeting tonight. By condescending concerned parents and categorizing their opinion as a “small contingent”, the proponents have escalated the environment and created an atmosphere of fear for parents and concerned teachers.   

Looking at the district’s own survey of 5th & 6th grade parents, and counting the signatures on the concerned parents petition, you’ll know our group is at least as big.  Fuzzy math says concerned parents are just a “minority”,  “small contingent”, or just some parents of “newer students” as the district recently titled us.   (It seems like people haven’t actually read the parent comments on the petition.  If they did they would have seen all the comments from parents with kids in the higher grades and lower.)     

Besides not wanting to contribute to the escalating negative environment, why else aren’t we pushing equally hard to have a “showing” at tonight’s meeting?


1.  Neither proposal is something we support.  The current plan and the “new” proposed plan still aren’t listening to parent concerns.  The petition clearly asks to “delay” the roll out so we can resolve the issues before pushing ahead, not to push ahead a little less harder than you were already going to and try to fix problems along the way.  We’ve heard horror stories from parents of the consequences of not implementing this perfectly at the older grades.  Why not fix those problems first, and then work with concerned parents on a way to introduce tech at the younger ages that address most of the parent concerns?   


2.  This isn’t a fight with other parents, teachers, or another group.  It is a fight for parent advocacy in major decisions.  Especially ones that impact parent budgets and their home life.  If the district has the resources to survey parents about whether they will buy/rent an iPad, it also has the resources to find out if they want their child to own one to begin with.  


Some of us will still be there tonight advocating for a delay in the K-4 roll out.  Our comments will be directed towards the district and not towards teachers or other parents choices.  I hope you continue to listen to the concerns of parents and make a decision that fully addresses those concerns.  




Our Message to the School Board before Tonight’s Meeting

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