The election is upon us and now more than ever your vote can have a direct impact on the decisions that will impact your life.  Just in the last year, decisions have come up about the school calendar, iPads for even our youngest learners, and a delayed school start time.  Over the past few weeks, HSE Parents’ Voice has had many requests to share our endorsements for school board.  Please remember, no matter where you live in Fishers, you will be voting for candidates in all three townships.  We are pleased to announce our endorsement of the following candidates for school board:

Adam Harness (Delaware)  While there are many strong candidates in Delaware township, Adam stands out as a man who will truly represent young families.  Adam has consistently been asking the tough questions about school board decisions, especially  those that impact the home life.  As the father of a young family himself, Adam understands the challenges of parenting young children in our fast-paced world and wants to ensure that new technology initiatives are balanced and adjustments are made as issues arise.  Additionally, Adam wants to improve communication between the school district and families and wants families to feel empowered to share their concerns.  www.adamharness.com

J. Kent Everett (Fall Creek)  Kent, as he is known to his friends and families, is running for school board because after having kids in the system for the past 9 years, he wants to be a part of the decision-making process that will affect the larger school community.  Kent and his wife work in the private sector, so they understand that these school decisions can have a direct impact on the home life.  Kent represents a voice of realism and respect.  He wants to open lines of communication and have more transparency from the board. https://www.facebook.com/J-Kent-Everett-for-Hamilton-Southeastern-School-Board-591507684360362/

Sylvia Shepler (Wayne)  Sylvia has served 16 years on the HSE school board and has the benefit of having lived through many big changes and decisions in HSE.   She is known for asking hard questions and working to keep the school accountable to its promises.  She wants to see communication between the board and parents improve, and she continues to spend her time following up on school initiatives and staying involved.  https://www.facebook.com/SylviaSheplerforHSE/?pnref=story

Keep in mind that none of these candidates sought out our endorsement; we came to them.  Their consistent voice of reason and steadfast values make them the obvious choice.  This year’s election can have a big impact on the future of HSE schools.   Being informed about who to vote for is the first step.   If you would like to do more to help change the status quo by helping any of the above campaigns or working the polls, please contact us.  

HSE Parents’ Voice Endorsements for School Board 2016

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