Congratulations Fishers parents!   In a few short weeks, over 500 of us from across the district have signed a petition asking for HSE schools to delay the K-4 1:1 iPad roll out.

You are not alone.  Since the petition was started, we have received comments from moms, dads, grandparents, programmers, teachers, speech language pathologists, and even a child mental health therapist.  The signers range from Fishers parents with kids not yet in the school to parents who have already had to buy/rent an iPad for their children in the pilots and the higher grades.  If this many frustrated HSE K-4 parents can be reached just through Facebook, imagine how many people there are who feel the same way but do not use that medium.

The reasons to delay are many:  supported research, health concerns, teacher training, technical support, home life interruptions, parent costs, and supervision.  The significance of these concerns and the comments from parents show that that any attempts to get K-4 parent feedback have been insufficient.

Here are some examples ..

“I’m signing because I will have 5 children entering grade school in the next two years … read more ”

“The two years that my child has had to have an iPad for school has not been the best use of our resources … read more

The petition was mentioned last week by the school administration during the school board meeting.  It is still unclear if they will listen to parents and delay the K-4 iPad rollout to get more feedback, or make a decision without inviting parents to the table.

Actions speak louder than words.  Signing the petition is just the first step.  Go to our help page to learn how you can do more.


HSE Parents Are Speaking Up!

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