Last spring after over 600 K-4 parents signed a petition asking the HSE school district to delay the 1:1 iPad rollout, the school board unanimously voted to accept the administration’s modified proposal.  The modified proposal continued the rollout, but allowed K-2 students to leave the iPads at school, restricted iPad use on the bus, at lunch, and during recess, and created technology committees to get feedback from parents. During the meeting, the superintendent and others made it very clear that the iPads were intended for production not consumption and they desire the community’s help to hold the district accountable to this proposal.

When parents attended the district’s first technology committee meeting last week, it was confirmed that while iPad incidents can be reported at the classroom and building level, there is no tool available for reporting and tracking recurring problems on a district level.  For an initiative that the district will be spending millions of dollars annually to support, there should be mechanisms to accurately assess the success of the program.

In order to assist the district, parent volunteers have created a tool to collect data on iPad incidents.  We want to be clear that we are collecting data in order to look at the big picture of the 1:1 rollout, not to point fingers at the individuals (teachers, students, or staff) involved.  Our anonymous reporting tool provides a means to:

  1. Help the district get a holistic view of any recurring problems.
  2. Help parents, teachers, and students having issues get resolution.
  3. Allow parents, teachers, and students to report issues anonymously without worrying about any undesirable ramifications.

Please share this tool freely and widely. We encourage students, parents, teachers, staff, and others at all grade levels to report incidents so the district can easily see the broader patterns, trends, and systemic problems that need to be addressed. We hope that by providing an anonymous reporting tool, decisions makers will have the data they need to make informed decisions about iPads going forward.

Report Your Concern