Our Anonymous HSE iPad Reporting Tool has only been available for a short time, and we are already beginning to see patterns and areas to be addressed.  By sharing this data with the community, we can work together to address the issues head on in a transparent way that educates and improves our school system.

Some people have questioned whether we even need a reporting tool and whether just reporting to your teacher or principal is enough.  Although teachers and principals are great problem solvers, there is no way to track and monitor problems at a district-wide level. For example, if the newsfeed on the spotlight app is showing inappropriate content, reporting it to one teacher does not help solve the problem for the rest of the students in the district.  

This data is still in its infancy, but below are the initial results to the question of whether the teacher, parent, or student has reported the incident using the recommended method of going to the student’s teacher or building principal or both.     


The chart above indicates that almost 60% of HSE parents, students, or teachers have not reported their issue using the requested method.   Over half the problems being reported here have not been reported to the school, which means that the school district isn’t even aware of the majority of issues that occur.  Additionally, those that are reported to the school are not tracked, so there is no way to know if they are district-wide issues.

We will continue to gather the data so that we can inform the district of recurring problems.  Please share the reporting tool with others who may be experiencing issues, and if you have noticed an issue at school or at home, report it so that we can help the district work to address it.  


Anonymous iPad Reporting Tool Update #1

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